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Affordable Pet Insurance For Dogs And Cats

Affordable Pet Insurance For Dogs And Cats

Finding the best pet insurance shouldn’t involve high cost or hours of searching for the right plan to meet your needs.

PetInsurancePal can easily locate the coverage you need for your loved ones without having to break the bank or deal with all those annoying salespeople.

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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Not sure? Ask Jojo (our lazy office cat). See what he says.

The average surgery bill for a cat in 2018 was between $2,900 – $3,600. 

The cost to treat diabetes or cancer falls between $8,000 – $10,000.

Compared to the average cost for pet insurance ($40-$50/month), you can easily see how providing this protection can save you in the long run.

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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

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Finding the best pet insurance can be a tough endeavor. That’s why we work with specialized experts across the US to best answer your questions and make sure you loved one has the coverage they need.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much is pet insurance? How much does pet insurance cost?

In most cases, the average price for pet insurance is only about $30-$50 per month, depending on the age, breed, and health of the animal.

What does pet insurance cover?

Pet insurance covers a variety of conditions like:

  • X-rays, Blood Tests, and Ultrasounds
  • Illnesses and Accidents
  • Surgery
  • Emergency Care
  • Congenital issues
  • Prescriptions
  • Cancer
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Hospitalizations

What is pet insurance? How does pet insurance work?

Pet insurance is one of the easiest insurances you could ever purchase.

  1. Select a deductible (the amount you are responsible for before the cover takes effect)
  2. Decide on the reimbursement amount or copay (if applicable)
  3. Maintain payment on your monthly premiums
  4. If an animal is sick, take your fur friend to the vet.
  5. Pay for the services you need and then submit a claim to the insurance company for repayment.

What is the best pet insurance? works with numerous companies that offer pet insurance and each one has their own unique way of providing coverage. Determining the “best” pet insurance is going to depend on what your criteria may.

Should I get pet insurance? Do I need pet insurance?

Yes. Vet bills, like any other medical bill, can be extremely costly and these prices are only on the rise. Protecting you fur babies with pet insurance helps keep your out of pocket expenses low when it comes to caring for your friends.

How much is pet insurance for a dog? How much is pet insurance for a cat?

Starting at around $30 per month. Dogs usually are more expensive to cover compared to cats, whose policies can be as cheap as $15 per month with some companies.

How to get pet insurance?

By using’s easy to navigate quoting options that takes 3 minutes to get your quote. Simply fill in your fur friend’s basic information, select your coverage amounts, and then submit the application to the company with the payment. From there, it only takes a short amount of time for your policy to become active.

How do pet insurance companies know about pre-existing conditions?

Insurance companies are aware of what issues may be existing prior to obtaining pet insurance and monitor claims or request vet records on your animal to rule out pre-existing conditions. Honesty is always the best policy here.

What is the best pet insurance for dogs?

At, we are dedicated to finding the best pet insurance for your dog at a price that meets your budget. As insurance companies routinely change their pricing when it comes to their insurance products, it is important to consider not only what is covered, but also how fast these companies pay out claims. The “best” may not always be the cheapest.

Does pet insurance cover spaying? Does pet insurance cover neutering?

Yes. With a routine care plan that covers preventative care, most companies will provide coverage for spaying and neutering.

Does pet insurance cover shots?

Yes. With a routine care plan that covers preventative care or wellness visits, companies will provide the coverage needed to provide their routine vaccinations.

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